From Primary Care Optometry News Magazine, October 2013

Lam Releases New Book

Andrew Lam, M.D., has released his new book, “Saving Sight: An eye surgeon’s look at life behind the mask and the heroes who changed the way we see.”

The book profiles influential men in the world of eye doctors, including Ridley, Kelman, Schepens, Patz, the inventors of refractive surgery and more. Additionally, Lam blends his memoir of surgical training at Wills Eye Hospital into historical narrative.

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Richard Wilbur, stated, “Dr. Andrew Lam, a distinguished retinal surgeon, has written a wonderfully readable book about the sometimes heroic lives of the great inventors of his field…The layman will be carried away by Dr. Lam’s clear, colloquial storytelling, and he will also gain, as I did, a far clearer knowledge of the human eye.”